What is a pediatric profiler?

Courtesy of Maureen ThorpeProfiling is the development of a biographical description of a person. Many sources are used to create this sketch. This information is then used by professionals for various reasons.

  • Police use profiling to help catch criminals, especially violent ones
  • Marketing uses profiling to help create advertising campaigns to get their product purchased
  • Employers use profiling to determine which candidate will be the best match for their company.

In pediatrics, profiling, when done in a comprehensive and holistic manner, allows the family and professionals working with the child or adolescent to understand the “hows” and “whys” of their actions or behaviors. This will guide  the creation of  interventions which will benefit the child/adolescent and those living around him.

What is involved in pediatric profiling? The core of each of us is a temperament profile.  This profile consists of a group of traits of behavior and interaction that are hard – wired into each of us.  These traits are inherited from our families.  These traits then in conjunction with any developmental, learning or behavioral challenges, and with live experiences, mold or develop our personalities.

We will explore how to use pediatric profiling for different children in future posts.  Sign up to be alerted.

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