What we can learn about children from nature

This Fall is shaping up to be a perfect mix of color and temperature. The trees are ablaze with reds, oranges and yellows. The days are warm and the nights delightfully cool. And yet, not every Fall is as memorable. Some are so dull and chilly that we want to forget them. We grumble, complain, and mope through our days.

What makes the difference? Nature understands the need for a balance of factors to create the best outcome. There needs to be a balance of rain, sunshine, and temperature. Too much rain drains out the colors. Too much wind blows the leaves off before they can change their colors completely. Too cool days and too many frosty nights stop the chemical changes for the best color.

This balance is also needed for helping a child become his best. Physical, nurturing contact is needed daily. Calm, age appropriate communication helps keep anxiety in check. Time to figure out how to do things and get from one place to another improves confidence and independence. Balanced meals allow for optimum development of muscles nerves and brain cells. Adequate sleep allows for the rest and recuperation needed to function at his best. And plenty of play time to expand imagination and processing skills optimize cognitive learning and socializing skills.

When a child is seen as disruptive, these factors need to be looked at and corrected. The child needs help learning strategies from adults to communicate the needs, fears, and confusion that affect his behavior. If you tell a child “no” or “don’t” without providing him with what would be allowable or okay, he will likely meltdown or try a different, yet still incorrect strategy.

Let children thrive and show their best colors by providing them with the support they need.

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