10 Things that Shaped My Youth: Part 1


albino peacock, different yet beautiful

10 Things that Shaped My Youth: Part 1.

This blog relates to my youth as well as the author’s.  I wasn’t into the horror memories like he was, however.

Thinking about our children, what will be the 10 things that shaped their youth?  What about the non-iconic memories, like the people they met, the experiences they had?  Our children with special needs, especially, may have 10 things that shape their youths which they won’t want to look back on.  We need to help them by providing things/experiences that they can look back on with appreciation.  I am haunted by a comment by Tom Cruise, who had experienced stress and frustration as a child due to his dyslexia.  He talks about feeling defective after being evaluated for learning disabilities by a psychologist.  I am  sure that has influenced his life and choices, especially his joining Scientology, which attacks psychology and mental health disorders.

We need to maintain a child’s dignity as we work to help them achieve to their full potential.  Let’s look at how we approach children who are struggling and work to change it into a joining with them to master knowledge, rather than trying to “fix” them.  After all, different isn’t necessarily wrong.  It can have a beauty of its own.

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