Do Children Have Rights?

How many of you saw the video of the stepfather in California beating his son with a belt for “not catching the ball”?  According to a report written by Kevin Dolak of Good Morning America,  the neighbor who taped the beating, Oscar Lopez , said “he heard Sanchez tell the boy he had better learn to throw the football correctly because when he starts playing, ‘They’re all going to laugh at you.’ ”

different yet beautiful

I was sickened by what I saw and by his and his lawyer’s belief that it is okay to discipline a child this way, when you are supposedly trying to teach him  a skill.

I have a question.  If it is okay to train children this way to learn skills, should it also be the policy to use the same strategies on our employees?  I am guessing most people would say NO in outrage for such an abusive suggestion.  But what is the difference?  Both are individuals in subservient positions to their parents/bosses/managers?  Why should it be okay to do it to a child, but not an adult?  What if the employee broke something in the office, or took someone else’s stapler off their desk without returning it?  What about lying about getting their work done?  Or why they didn’t come to work today?

If you felt it was inappropriate to discipline an adult for any of these behaviors, why is it then okay to do to a child?  We need to call abuse what it is and bullying what it is, no matter whether it is happening to a child (or animal) or an adult.  There are so many positive methods of teaching skills or dealing with inappropriate behavior, that we must no longer tolerate such behavior from others.

I applaud Mr. Lopez for being a whistle-blower and advocate for this boy.  Let’s all learn from him and step up when we see atrocities like this.

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