Watch Out – Your Kids Are Watching You More Than You Think

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When my youngest was 18 months old my older 2 children came to me declaring that I had to stop swearing because I was teaching my youngest to swear.  Now I didn’t think I was swearing, but they  told me that “Oh my God!” was swearing.  Okay, different perspectives on what is swearing but I respected their beliefs (after all I was the one who was trying to teach them their belief systems) so I embarked on a journey of change.  Over the next several weeks I was able to move from “Oh my God!” through “Oh my God – gosh!” to finally “Oh my gosh!”  And along the way, my youngest came with me.

Well now she is 22 and I am back to “Oh my God!” but my youngest has moved on too much worse from the models of her teen years. But in the interim, she did use the society based approved language.  More importantly, she has held on to the more important belief systems that I worked to instill in my children.

We are our children’s/students’ models, mentors, and coaches.  They are always looking to us to understand.  We need to say what we mean and mean what we say.   Because “they are watching!”

See on Scoop.itDevelopmental & Behavioral Challenges in Children

That’s right, kids are really good at imitation. Even a 13-month-old child can remember an event a week after a single exposure. Even when you don’t realize it, your kids are watching the world around you. What you allow into your child’s brain influences their expectations about the world, which in turn influences not only what they are capable of perceiving, but their very behavior.

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