Do you punish children/teens for doing what they have seen?

This is very solid advice for all parents. I see many parents who punish their children for doing what was modeled by the parents. It is important to recognize the effect of the people and situations you expose your children to will indeed affect their social and emotional development.

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                Every now and again it’s good to reflect on your values and the way you engage with your children in your family. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce with your ex or it’s years after that whole business and you’re just being with your kids; the things we teach our kids are what influence the next generation and so on and so forth for as long as people walk the Earth. So it comes to the point where you might be examining just how your child is developing their personality and social skills that make them a person. There is a ton of advice out there for parents. Everyone has a different piece of useful information but the central idea of just being there for your kids is always present. What form does this take for you? It could mean personal…

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