Iowa boy says school attack left him disabled

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Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

This is an important article for two reasons. First, traumatic brain injuries occur much easier than people realize. This young man will have problems for several years if not permanently with memory, emotion regulation, learning, processing speed of life activities, and most likely mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. All because some students thought it was funny to throw footballs at someone’s head. Second, this is a story of the truth behind most districts anti-bullying policies. All students should feel that their concerns are truly addressed, not shrugged off as “whining”, “tattling”, or “it’s just a little teasing”.  And, unfortunately, many staff are as guilty of bullying as the students, by their snide remarks to students who have academic struggles in school, are not seen as friend material by their peers, or are seen as being wimps.  Let’s make real changes in the understanding of the needs and rights of children in the school system and in society.

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