Researchers Caution against Commonly Used Autism Supplement

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Plant-based diets are healthy. Plants are high in flavonoids. But the concentrated flavonoids in supplements can affect the body in unpredictable and potentially harmful ways, according to a n

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

Parents of children with special needs have frequently felt desperate to provide their child with interventions and products that may help their child reach a higher potential than the professionals have predicted.  It is very understandable and because of that this article is extremely important for parents of children with autism so that they don’t do something that can lead to a very unexpected and scary event in their child’s life.

As with anything proposed to help children with special needs, ask yourself these three things before deciding to do it;

1) Is there scientifically proven double blind, placebo-controlled studies showing positive effects from the therapy or product (and what are the potential side effects)

2) Will it hurt the child (again side effects or other potential problems)

3) Will it break your bank.  This is important because, although not everything that will help children with special needs is covered by insurance, parents have to weigh the amount of help an intervention may have compared to how it affects their ability to provide the basics for them and their families.

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