Dyslexia Insight #1: Make Dyslexia About Strengths—Not Shame – NCLD

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Dyslexia and shame: Why do dyslexic people feel shame about their difficulties with reading and spelling? Dyslexic author Ben Foss shares his experience.

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

Did you ever listen to someone talk about what it is like to have dyslexia? If not, or even if yes, take the time to read this post by Ben Foss on his dyslexia.  He has the post written both as he dictated it on Dragon Speak Naturally, and as he transcribed what he heard himself say.  I can also tell you that if he had not had the tape of what he had said, that he would have had more errors in sentence formation and complete thoughts, in addition to spelling and punctuation errors.


Check out his sight and look at getting his book, which is sure to be a great read.

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