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Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

I work with a large number of parents who have behavioral problems with their children.  I always tell them that pop (I am from Wisconsin) should really be limited because of the health problems but also because we know that some people react poorly to aspartamine (in many diet sodas) and caffeine.  This observational study appears to support what I have been saying.  Of course the next study is to follow children before they have pop and then after they have been on a pop added diet for awhile.  I am betting that this will show a negative effect.

When my kids were small, I told them that Mendota Springs (like LaCroix Water and other carbonated and flavored waters) was pop.  They loved it. We would have one real pop on Friday nights when we had pizza and watched TGIF.  Only one of my children regularly drinks pop now and he does it for the caffeine. The other two are coffee and water drinkers.

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