Junk food in pregnancy linked to childhood mental disorders

See on Scoop.itDevelopmental & Behavioral Challenges in Children

A recent study reveals that eating junk food during pregnancy may result in children who have behavioral problems, such as aggression and tantrums.

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

Wow!  This study points to poor nutrition while the mother is pregnant as having an impact on child behavior.  And of course child nutrition has long been seen to have an effect on behavior and this study points it out again.


There are some good ideas of snack alternatives in the article that both parents and children should consider.  They put into the body the nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids that the brain needs to function optimally.


Let’s get on board with changing our intake to improve our and our children’s output (behavior and work).

See on www.medicalnewstoday.com

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