Relationship Between Learning and Trust

This is a great look at the link of trust and learning. It was not written with children in mind, but it is even more important when living and working with children.
Think of a child who refuses a lot. Have you ever asked “why” he does that? Sure you can say that he is trying to be the boss, trying to be oppositional, etc. Children will need to trust the adult in order to take a chance at believing what what they are being told/taught.
Let’s make sure that we instill trust in our children so they will be available for learning.

PomeranianOne of my leadership students asked me a good question. She wanted to know the relationship between trust and learning. On the surface, the two words seem to have a tenuous relationship at best. However, after thinking about it, the question became much more interesting to me.

The analysis can go in many directions. In this brief article, I will describe three different perspectives and offer a few typical examples to illustrate them. The perspectives include:

1. Why learning from someone you trust is easier than from someone you do not trust.
2. What types of things you are likely to learn from someone you do not trust.
3. Why your retention of the learned material is much better if you have a trusting relationship with the teacher.

As a CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), I do not recall…

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