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Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

This post from Ms. Edelman brings up a very important point about child and adolescent development and how our society takes that into consideration with all of our policies.


She is talking about juveniles who commit crimes.  Many if not most of these youth were victims of other systems and policies that did not take their developmental level into consideration. Schools are increasing what they are demanding of academic and social skills at younger and younger ages.  Teaching aspects of algebra in kindergarten and first grade is just one example. Calling the police in for a child having a meltdown is another.


We need to bring understanding of child development and temperament into agencies, organizations and homes as we look to have expectations of children.  We have to provide them with more one-on-one time to get the understanding and help they need to master different tasks or skills.


Until we do this we will continue to see children ending up in the justice system.  What are you going to do to help our children?

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