Which Autism Interventions Work Best? – Disability Scoop

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A new federally-funded review of thousands of studies finds that there are more than two dozen autism interventions worthy of being called “evidence-based.”

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

From this article, if you click the highlighted "review" word, you will have access to the full report.  For professionals and parents this is an important report since raising children in the autism spectrum is filled with false claims. This becomes a source of strain both for the child and the family, both emotionally and economically.


It is always important to find out about any method, supplement, or intervention that is being called the right way to help your child in the spectrum. The top three questions to keep in mind, as Autism Speaks and other nonprofits who work to provide information to families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders recommend are;

1) Does it have scientific evidence that it works?

2) Will it cause harm to my child?

3) Will it cause financial hardship for my family to pursue it?

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