Americans need to eat more whole grains, study suggests

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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Most children and adults in the U.S. are getting less than the recommended amounts of whole grains and dietary fiber, according to a recent study.Researchers found people who

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

This article talks about the benefits of whole grain and fiber in our lives, especially for diabetes and heart health.  But what would be a good reason for promoting it for kids who don’t see those needs as important for them?


If you look only at the weight factor, taking in the recommended amounts of fiber per day for children will help keep their weight down. This will let them feel like they can keep up with their peers when playing. It will also be one less thing that bullies can pick on them about, thus helping their mental health and self esteem.


It also helps with normal bowel patterns so much less constipation. In kids this can lead to an increase of irritability and negative behavior because they just don’t feel good. But they most likely can’t relate it to how their bowels feel, so instead they get punished for their behavior or "attitude".


Fiber also helps maintain a more steady blood sugar.  For kids this means that they have a more steady blood sugar (or glucose) level for their brain. Glucose is the primary energy source for the brain. If blood sugar drops, then they have a harder time focusing and concentrating. This leads to academic and behavior problems.


So let’s make a promise to increase the whole grain and fibers in our children’s diets.  It will help them now and in the future.

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