DSM-5 & Autism: Autism-Speaks Study Clarifies Impact of New Criteria

See on Scoop.itDevelopmental & Behavioral Challenges in Children

A new study finds that the estimated prevalence of autism under the new DSM-5 criteria would decrease only to the extent that some children would receive the new diagnosis of social communication d

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

There are many people voicing concerns about children losing services under the DSM 5 criteria for autism spectrum disorders. Autism speaks has now come forward with some answers. Only 14% under the current criteria would not have the ASD designation. But the good news is that they would qualify under the new diagnosis of Social Communication Disorder also known as Social Pragmatic Disorder.


This is good news in that these children will be recognized for the struggles they are experiencing.  Now we have to push for appropriate services to be developed. So let all the parents, healthcare providers, and service providers push for the services that will allow these children to develop the skills needed to feel comfortable interacting with others.

See on www.autismspeaks.org

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