How do we nurture readers, writers, & thinkers?

This is a great blog by a great teacher who understands the need for parents to help their children focus in on the world around them. In this blog she looks at how we, as parents, can help our children become friends with reading, writing, and thinking critically about ourselves and our world. Please share this with others.

My Teachable Minute Blog for Parents & Teachers

If we are parents, then we are teachers. In fact, we are a child’s most important teacher in life because we lay the foundation for a lifetime of growth, experience, and discovery. Just as a house needs a solid foundation and a strong roof, so do children! Those who are given daily opportunities to experience language, in all of its forms, will ultimately acquire a strong and solid ‘bank’ of prior knowledge to draw upon. They quickly learn that speaking, reading, writing, and thinking are important and necessary for communication. They learn that to be a reader, writer and thinker one must read, write, and think!

Here’s how you can nurture and support the reader, writer, and thinker in your child:

READ to your child. READ with your child. Let your child READ to you.

WRITE to your child. WRITE with your child. Let your child WRITE to you.


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