See Brain. See Brain Read…

See on Scoop.itDevelopmental & Behavioral Challenges in Children

Scientists are using new brain imaging technology to study what happens in the brain when children read, including children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

This is an important article discussing the outcomes of reading researchers working with neuroimaging researchers to show where the problems in reading come from in the brain AND how the correct interventions can create brain systems more like good readers.  They focused on children with dyslexia, which is the most common reason for reading problems to show the differences.


There are organizations around the country, such as Decoding Dyslexia, which are working with state legislators to have dyslexia recognized by the state depts. of education and appropriate interventions put in place.  This type of information needs to be brought to the legislators attention so they understand that it is NOT just a matter of semantics, as is claimed by many educators who really don’t understand what dyslexia is.


Please share this so that teachers and other educators can understand what our children need.

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