Falling on Deaf Ears: Why Millennials Don’t Do What You Tell Them to Do | Eric Chester

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The era that permitted a boss to say to employees

Dr. Pat McGuire‘s insight:

This is a great example of how bad it has gotten in the world.  As the author states, adults can no longer have a double standard with children. And yet, I see it every day.  Children that tell me about their parents swearing in front of them but they get in trouble for doing the same.  Teachers, and at times principals, who yell at kids, call them names, all in front of their peers.  But these kids can’t do the same to the teachers or principals.


It is well known that children learn from the adults and the more they experience this behavior, the more it appears as the appropiate way to act. As a nation we need to learn how to develop appropriate methods of talking and acting.


We need to acknowledge that children don’t have those skills without direct instruction.  We also need to realize that that children don’t have the cognitive skills to think before they act because the neural pathways haven’t been developed.  They are frequently stuck in their limbic system (where fight or flight lives) with no direct link to their frontal lobe (think before act).


There are many good strategies to help children develop the skills needed to be respectful, responsible adults.  We need to start using them.

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