How learning more about yourself can help children

pediatric profiler pictureOver the decades I have read constantly and taken courses to improve myself so that I would be of the most service I could to my patients, their parents, and the organizations who work with challenging children and adolescents.

I have found some of the most useful information outside of the medical and psychological fields.  Business courses, especially leadership courses have helped me understand the needs of my community.  It also informed me that some of what we are doing as adults with and to children is counterproductive to what they will need to be able to do as adults.

Because of this I am going to begin sharing with you links of experts I have grown to respect so that you too can heighten your awareness and skills, with children but also with others you work and live with in your lives.  If we adults can feel better about ourselves, and therefore less stressed, we will be there even more for the children/teens that need us.

Here is a link on Brian Tracy, who has increased the productivity of companies around the world over the last several decades.  I hope you gain from him as much as I have – Eat the Frog, 2nd Edition, by Brian Tracy.

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