All children are born wanting to be loved, accepted, and respected. The rest we have to teach them.


All children will be supported in their quest for competence and happiness through

the mentoring, coaching, and teaching of the world around them.


To provide adults with the knowledge and support to understand, the developmental and behavioral underpinnings

of children and youth in order to be models, guides, and providers of constructive feedback

that will lead to their growth in competence and happiness.

Dr. McGuire is a board certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician with over 30 years experience in helping parents and professionals understand the developmental, learning, and behavioral challenges of children/adolescents.  She has been a speaker and trainer for over 10 years at the local and national level. She has also written for a variety of regional parenting magazines over the years. She is the author of Never Assume: Getting To Know Children Before Labeling Them.

Dr. McGuire has her own website,  All Children Are Special.  Check out the products Dr. McGuire has developed to train professionals on the needs of children with special needs.  This is also where she reviews products and services for children and adolescents.  Check out the links she has added to organization websites that can help parents and professionals.

To be the one of the first to know about upcoming speaking engagements, new posts, and the parent learning portal that is being developed, sign up here.

When not working, she enjoys time with her husband  her three children, 3 grandchildren, and 3 cats.  She always says that her children taught her much more about developmental and behavioral pediatrics than lectures and textbooks did.

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