Remembering to encourage creativity

This article about creativity is an important read for both parents and teachers as well as those in the business world for whom it was written. Too many times we demand that our children perform in a precise manner that only stumps their creativity. We also need to realize that we can’t dictate creativity. Let’s take the wisdom of this article and use it with our children and students.

I read a quotation in a student paper a while ago that was interesting, “Demanding creativity is like yanking on a seed to pull out the flower” (by the famous author “unknown”). The optics in this quote really work for me. I have been referred to as a creative person at times, and I even won an award for it once, yet if you stand over me with a scowl on your face, my creativity will dry up faster than a drop of water in a red hot frying pan. Most people have a creative side that can be brought out if properly nurtured.

The benefits of creativity and innovation are well documented. Unfortunately, while all leaders yearn for higher creativity, their behaviors often squash it. This analysis provides some pathways to encourage more creativity that are simple and powerful. Here is a list of seven ways this can be…

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